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Mary Public SpeakingIn these high-powered new seminars that are being requested by behavior analysts across the country, ethical concepts for behavior analysis practitioners are presented through a variety of thought-provoking games and active-learning activities. Stimulating, participant-oriented discussions and debates are accompanied by games based on the latest instructional design methods. Video scenarios that have been specially developed for this training will have you thinking about ethical issues when you are working with your clients and their families. These workshops are unique in that the materials and lessons were developed specifically for the profession of behavior analysis.

Ethics Workshop Capitol Chapter"Ethics is about the little decisions you make every day," says Bailey, "not just the big issues such as the right to effective treatment, confidentiality or conflict-of-interest." The workshops present issues not normally covered in ethics training including: how to deal with colleagues who may engage in irresponsible conduct, how to be a media activist and support your profession at the same time, and making sure that your behavior programs have a solid ethical base. The full-day workshop engages the participants in active learning by analyzing ethical scenarios contributed by behavior analysts all across the country, and in presenting their recommendations to peers for review and commentary.

Two Thought-Provoking Workshops Offered

• Ethics I presents a fast-paced active learning workshop that is designed to teach the foundation of Ethics for Behavior Analysts.

• Ethics II provides opportunities for examining real-world ethical dilemmas.

Both workshops receive consistently high ratings from participants. Workshops are offered on a very limited basis and they are currently being scheduled one year in advance.

"Handling Difficult People" Behaviorally
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"Ethics is not for Sissies"
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National Autism Conference 2013 - Penn State University
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